Riots in Leeds

1643 The Civil War
1735 A corn price riot
1735 and 1753 The turnpike riots
1800 Another corn price riot
1811 Yet another corn price riot
1834 The Military riot
17th August 1842 The Chartist and Plug riots in Holbeck and Hunslet
February 1865 The Dripping Riot
15th December 1867 A Fenian riot
2nd July 1890 The Gasworkers riot
1893 Morley miners’ riot (scroll down for The 1893 Ossett Coal Strike and Riot at Chidswell)
10th October 1908 The suffragette riot
1917 An anti-Jewish riot
May 1926 The General Strike
27th September 1936 The battle of Holbeck Moor
1975 Chapeltown riot
11th July 1981 Chapeltown riot
22nd June 1987 Chapeltown riot
1980s Poll tax riots
2001 Harehills riot
20th century Leeds United riots